New Orchids!

Yes that’s right, more orchids to add to the collection! Fortunately, there are only two and they are Pleonies which, at the moment, do not take up a lot of room.

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Stem rot strikes again?

It looks as though stem rot has taken another Phalaenopsis from my collection this week. Recently, the plant has been dropping leaves, but these were yellow. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought it was part of a natural process. This morning, when I was checking the orchid over, a green leaf came away in my hand. Not good.


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Caring for aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of a few species that produce aerial roots in addition to their own root system.  Aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids are those roots that grow away from the pot or growing media and have a thicker, silvery appearance. These roots also have a green tip at the end. These roots serve a purpose, and do benefit the orchid.


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New Page: My book collection

Another new page to the blog!

A few months ago now, I created a post about a book haul. Slowly, I am making my way through them and any thoughts or comments will be put on this new page for you to read. Any useful sections or hints and tips shall be added too to give you more of an idea if that particular book would be worth purchasing for yourselves. Some of them though you might not be able to purchase online because they date back a few years and might not be in publication any more.

Any books relating to native orchids will be given a separate page so as to avoid confusion (mostly on my part!).

The page can be found here, or by selecting it from the top menu under “Glossary”.

Goals for 2018

As a follow on from my previous post Merry Christmas & a happy New Year, I’ve spent a little time thinking about the things I would like to achieve in 2018 with regards to my orchids. My goals for this year are split into two groups, those relating to my own orchid collection and orchids native to the UK.

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