Packing up the Pleonies

Things have begun to settle down in the grow space now that summer is well and truly over. The Oncidiums have started to perk up now the temperatures are cooler, the Phalaenopsis are rapidly producing flower spikes, and the Pleonies have decided it’s time to have a break.


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Repotting an orchid: a how to guide

Every once in a while, orchids need to be re-potted. They outgrow their pots, have pest problems, or have decomposing media (if it is organic media). For someone new to the world of orchids, the re-potting process can be a little daunting, so I’ve created a step-by-step guide of how I re-pot mine.


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Plant hygiene: the three D’s

When it comes to caring for any plant, it is important to remember the D’s of plant hygiene. It helps to promote the overall health of the plant, as well as improving their physical appearance (sometimes!).


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Orchids are spiking!

This growing season, I have tweaked the care of my orchids to help encourage them to grow as well as they can. Over the summer, this task was a little more difficult to keep up with, but now it seems the results are beginning to show. I’m so excited!


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Orchids in Bloom: September 2018

After a few months of no blooms, we finally have some more. I’m really excited to have one of them in bloom because it has never flowered for me before, and I thought it was having a tantrum about being moved from its last house to ours. Let’s see what we have…


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Southern Marsh Orchid seeds: an update

The Harry Potter seeds have been in the cupboard under the stairs for about one month now. I’m keeping a record of every development I spot (yes, on my spreadsheet) and today, it seems, I have to start preparing to re-plate the seeds.

Petri-dish with Southern Marsh Orchid seeds sown

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Orchid growing and plastic use

Plastic use has had a lot of coverage in the media recently, and rightly so. We humans are producing more plastic items than we really need, and it is affecting our wildlife and eco-systems. Some campaigns state that we should be living “plastic-free”, which is a wonderful idea, but I don’t think we will ever be free of plastic. It’s in so many items we use on daily basis; cars, TVs, washing machines, mobile phones, even the laptop I am typing this post on.

Researching orchids

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