Getting into the orchid hobby

Starting to grow orchids as a hobby can be a daunting thing. As with anything new, you have so much to learn and absorb that it can sometimes be a real headache. Looking back now, taking on my first orchid wasn’t half so bad as taking on 10 new ones in the space of a few months – all with different care needs which I’m still working out. Yes, you will lose a few along the way, it’s a learning process; it’s going to happen, you will make mistakes. The point is, it can be daunting, but if you know where to find the information you need, the process is easier.


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Thoughts on water culture for encouraging roots on sick orchids

Initially I was sceptical about this particular growing method, mainly because there aren’t orchids in the wild that grow this way. However, what I have learnt from my experiment with water culture is that it is a very efficient way of helping sick orchids to recover from dehydration. The Odontioda Stirbic Red, that had lost all its roots after becoming very dehydrated, responded very well to this treatment.


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Orchids in Bloom: August 2017

This month there are three orchids in bloom. One I have never seen in bloom because she is a new acquisition, another is an old faithful that blooms nearly all year round and you have seen her several times this year already (sorry!). The last one is recovering from losing all his roots, but the flowers are a-maz-ing!


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Q & A with an orchid nursery

An orchid nursery has very kindly agreed to do a Q & A post with me and I wanted to put this out to my readers – are there any questions that you would like to ask them? They are a family run business who have been running for years, and have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result.

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Pest Control: Fungus Gnats

It’s that time of year when insects are doing the rounds and buzzing about. Our orchid collections may be more vulnerable from insect damage now because the conditions are favourable for critters to start having babies – and boy do they!

Fungus Gnats - they are everywhere this time of year!
Fungus Gnats – they are everywhere this time of year!

Last year I had problems with fungus gnats, and they are back again this year. If you don’t what these are, they are those tiny little black flies that hang out near the compost or growing media of plants. They are pretty dopey in terms of the way they fly and almost always seem to want to go near your face. They love damp or moist media to lay eggs in because when the eggs hatch they¬†like being able to eat decaying yucky stuff in plant pots.

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