Native British Orchids: potting up the Southern Marsh orchids

This project has fallen behind somewhat. But today, it has been pushed forward. The Southern Marsh orchids are now all tucked up in their new homes and finally out of my fridge!

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Orchids in Bloom: April 2019

This month there are two new developments, a new flower spike is blooming, and another is on the way.

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Large Cattleya orchid update

Back last year, you may recall that I was given a rather large Cattleya to care for. The previous post about this orchid is here. I have never had an orchid quite this large before and it quickly became apparent that the grow space is not big enough to home it. Fortunately our kitchen counter is. I have a better place for it to live, but that room is being redecorated, so it will have to wait.


Anyway, fast forward to today and this orchid has pushed on its latest growth at quite a rate!
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Orchids in Bloom: March 2019

Spring has definitely sprung! The grow space is still colourful and there are more signs of flower spikes to come. I’m preparing for quite a bit of work over the coming weeks with my orchids, but once in a while, it is lovely to just sit and take stock of how they are doing.


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Repotting Sarcochylis hartmanii

Today, I am re-potting the Sarcochylis hartmanii. According to my notes, this orchid has not been repotted for almost 3 years. He is still working on a new fan (new growth) and I’m hoping that fresh bark media will help him put some energy behind it.


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Orchid pots: using plastic pots

When I started this hobby, I did quite a bit of reading and searching online to find out how to care for orchids. One of the aspects of caring for orchids is choosing an appropriate pot to grow them. I have seen several videos by growers who use a whole range of pots; clay, glass, plastic and wood (though this tends to be a mount rather than a pot).


There are arguments for each type of pot available, but I will only discuss plastic pots in this post, because that is what I use.

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Starting to repot my orchid collection

Every so often, orchids need to be re-potted. This helps to maintain the health of the root system and the plant itself. Having gone through the records I have for my orchid collection, it appears there are quite a few in need of some fresh media. Today, was the start of this process.


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