My Orchid Diary

Hi, my name is Clare. I have recently wandered into the world of orchids and have had this hobby for a couple of years now. I am still new to this, I felt it would be useful for me to have a written record of things I find out along the way. I am hoping to share my knowledge about the orchids I have in my collection. I will try to keep this blog regularly updated with developments or my thoughts on a particular subject relevant to orchid growing.

My collection of orchids is small and split almost equally between Phalaenopsis orchids and Oncidium type orchids…with one lonely little Dendrobium thrown in too. I love the differences between these orchids and the variety of blooms produced by each individual. You do need patience for this hobby, but the rewards are absolutely worth it!

The first orchid I purchased was in 2010. I dislike that nurseries or gardening stores have a ‘reduced’ section because the plants you find are nearly always neglected and sickly looking. I felt particularly sorry for the orchid I purchased for a ridiculously low price. When I bought it, I was told she (yes, my orchids have genders) wouldn’t survive. Six years later, not only has she survived, but she is healthy and has produced a succession of blooms for me. This year has seen quite a few new orchids being added – I’m beginning to run out of room, but the house I live in is small so it isn’t difficult to do!

Orchid growing is forming an important part of my life. It helps me to feel balanced and calm, and if you are thinking of growing orchids yourself, I’d recommend you do. It’s a rewarding and exciting hobby.



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