Christmas arrived early!

A very good friend of mine gave me a Phalaenopsis orchid as a gift when my partner and I moved in together 18 months ago. It stopped blooming shortly afterwards and hasn’t bloomed for me since…until now!

In desperation (frustration really), I ranted at this orchid a few days ago – “Please grow a flower spike for me, I haven’t seen you bloom for absolutely ages and I have almost forgotten what you look like!”. After accidently knocking a piece of bark media away from the stem of this orchid, I looked closer at the base of the stem and realised she was doing just that. The spike is tiny at the moment, but it has a distinctive ‘claw’ shape rather than the rounded root tip shape.


Excitement does quite cover it. Elation perhaps? This orchid has refused to bloom for what feels like an eternity, and now finally she has changed her mind. Christmas has arrived early for me!

Another Phal moved into my care just a couple of months ago. It was dehydrated, all its blooms had blasted (died before they opened) and I think it also had a few pest problems. After a lot of T.L.C. it has put down new roots. The orchid had to be tethered to a stake with parcel ribbon (the stuff you need scissors to curl) because it was unstable in its pot. The other day a little voice in my head said ‘look underneath the ribbon’. This is what I saw…


Yup, another flower spike! Now, the first Phal hasn’t bloomed in 18 months so that’s kind of a big deal to me, but this new Phal is also a pleasant surprise. It shows just how fast an orchid can recover from improper care. The plant world is just amazing to me and how it can adapt to new surroundings.

When you spend a lot of time caring and nurturing your orchids, it’s just fantastic when it rewards you with a flower spike. You know you have done something right in order for the orchid to think it’s ok to bloom. Absolutely, one of the best gifts to receive!

I’ll post some updates when these two have bloomed, so you can see what they look like.

Merry Christmas!



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