Happy New Year!


With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the successes and things we could improve on in the New Year. Most of us will have New Year’s resolutions – maybe you want to lose some weight or gain fitness, or maybe it will be to finally get around to finishing that job you have been putting off for the last few years.

I have my own New Year’s resolutions, but mine is more about making small changes to my lifestyle that will hopefully benefit myself and my family, as well as this beautiful planet we live on. I do also have some orchid resolutions too (what a surprise, I hear you cry!).

My orchid collection mushroomed on me this year. I started out with just three orchids – and now I have seventeen! With new things to learn about the different orchids I now have, my knowledge has expanded and I’m pleased to say I’ve made through 2016 without losing a single one.

So what is my resolution for orchid growing? It has been hard to pick one, but I would like to learn about the species that are native to Britain and maybe try to find some of them to photograph. Most of the orchids we have in our homes are hybrids (crosses between two or more orchids), but only a few of us have species orchids. Species orchids are those that have not been tampered with or altered by us humans. They are the most natural form of orchid you can find. Keep following my blog and hopefully, you will see some of our native species on here!

I hope that you all have a fantastic New Year, and that 2017 brings you joy and happiness.

Happy New Year!


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