Phalaenopsis Luis Triprince

Today the fussiest orchid in my collection is going to make an appearance. He was purchased last year in June when I was on holiday (along with two others). I bought him because he smells amazing if sunlight hits his blooms, and he looks gorgeous.

Meet Luis.


Like most Phalaenopsis orchids, he can produce plenty of blooms on a number of side stems in addition to the main one – and the sight is spectacular! Unfortunately, I do not have a decent photograph to show you because he and I are in the middle of a fall out.

I have been growing orchids for a few years now and this orchid is the most fussy little creature I have ever owned. He regularly throws tantrums and sulks at me, we appear to disagree on many things and in return for my seemingly lacking care he drops flowers on the floor because it amuses him.

A relative of mine had a dog once. If he did something naughty, he would be told off. Moments later he would have huffed off into their bedroom and urinated on the bedding. My relative knew it was going to happen by the way he walked. I think of that dog every time I am dealing with Luis.

Most of my orchids are well behaved. There are one or two Oncidium type orchids that are having problems with wrinkled leaves because the humidity is not high enough for them since they were moved into the house more. Changes have been made to help these orchids because they do look a little unsightly with wrinkled leaves. But none of them act up like Luis. Everything must be just so for him. He must not be provided with any care that does not meet his (very high) expectations. Short of providing him a silk cape to hang off his leaves (which would not be made well enough!), I really don’t know what else I can do for him.

He is watered weekly, and given fertiliser every other week. He has a space on the top of my shelving unit. He is misted regularly. The temperature never gets below 18c now he is not living in the bay window. But something still isn’t right. I can tell he isn’t happy because his newest leaf is way smaller than the older ones…


In order to help His Royal Highness, I’ll need to do some digging on the internet to see if I am missing something. His flowers are disappearing now, so I will be able to spend some time making his environment better for him. Maybe I’ll build him his own castle complete with drawbridge!

Happy growing.



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