‘Tis the season: For orchid growth

The days are getting longer and, surprisingly for England, warmer and sunnier! It’s also the time when orchids spring into their growing season. Sundays are usually a watering day for me and this morning I found that my orchids are putting their energy into lots of new growth. Even one of my species orchids has created a new root and has the beginnings of a new leaf!

Sarcochylis Hartmanii
A new leaf being produced by Dino (Sarcochylis Hartmanii – a species orchid).

It’s always encouraging to see orchids growing, and I’m absolutely thrilled to find so much activity from my collection; some of these orchids haven’t done anything for months! It just goes to show, sunlight does wonderful things.

Another wonderful thing is some of my orchids are in bloom – one that hasn’t been in bloom since one of my best friends bought it for me about 18 months ago. Nelly is also in bloom – despite the fact her flowers seem smaller this time, the fragrance is just amazing. She is a few metres away from where I am typing and I can smell her from here! I recently purchased a Dendrobium Phalaenopsis from an orchid show and that is still in bloom too. I did have two other orchids in bloom, but they’ve gone over now – separate posts to follow about them.

Hopefully your orchids will be doing the same for you – I’d love to hear how your orchids are doing. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Happy growing!



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