Miltonidium Bartley Schwartz

Meet Bartley.

Part of the Oncidium alliance, this beautiful orchid is pretty tough and easily pleased. An ideal orchid for those wishing to try growing an Oncidium type orchid.

This sympodial orchid was purchased about a year ago whilst on holiday (he was bought at the same time as Lui). He was in full bloom at the time and was purchased because his flowers look fantastic and the fragrance is just gorgeous.

Bartley did have to visit the Orchid Hospital last summer as mealybugs were trying to make a home on him – this did not go down well with me! There are a lot of places on this orchid for mealybug critters to hide, so Bartley was treated more than once with insecticidal soap. He has however bounced back from this, and rewarded me with two flower spikes which are filling my kitchen with his fragrance.

Miltonidium Bartley Schwartz
Close up of Bartley’s blooms.

Unlike Lui, Bartley is very easy to care for, having only a few requests:

Temperature: Ideally prefers 18-25c but could cope with 15c for a short period of time. He does not require a winter rest, as he grows all year round.

Light: Bright shade is perfect for him.

Watering: Water when his media is almost completely dry and flush out the pot every time you water him. Every other week, provide fertiliser for growth or flowers, depending on which he is focusing on.

Humidity: This one is important. He requires regular misting to prevent accordion leaves developing (I tend to mist my collection every morning before I go to work).

Media: Bark chips are ideal, as they provide good aeration to his roots.

I hope this information is helpful and you feel more confident in adding this gorgeous orchid to your collection.

Happy growing!



4 thoughts on “Miltonidium Bartley Schwartz”

    1. You may ask lol. He is a really beautiful orchid and he smells wonderful. I bought him about 18 months ago from Burnham Nurseries in Devon (along with two others that jumped in my basket…ahem!). If you contact them, they’ll tell you if they have any available.


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