Native British Orchids: Green Winged Orchids – an exception, not a rule

As an update to the previous post about Green Winged Orchids, today I’d like to share some new photographs of these beautiful plants. My partner and I visited the same place we had previously, and found many more of these particular orchids, as well as a couple of bonuses…

Green Winged Orchid
Close up of Green Winged Orchid

Whilst walking around (very carefully) we found more the Green Winged Orchids but I noticed one that was slightly different – a pink Green Winged Orchid. It has the typical markings on the inside of the hood, but the delicate shade of pink was a surprise when compared to the dark purple of the ones around it. Utterly beautiful. Definitely one of those moments when you realise that although there is a rule, sometimes there are exceptions.

A pink Green Winged Orchid
A pink Green Winged Orchid – one of two that we spotted in amongst the purple ones.

The other type of orchid we have found is still not in bloom yet but there were a few that were starting to spike which is wonderful. Another couple of weeks and they should be out blooming.



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