Improving my orchid collection

Growing orchids is a wonderful, rewarding hobby. There are literally thousands of different varieties to choose from, with different bloom shapes and sizes, not to mention fragrances.

Some of my orchid collection
Some of my orchid collection

But I’ve been wondering lately, is quantity better than quality? Is it worth purchasing new orchids, when my collection currently are not the best they can be? Some orchids are thriving, whilst others are showing signs that they aren’t happy. The ones that aren’t doing so well have smaller pseudo-bulbs than before, some burned roots, leaf discolouration which looks like an infection of some kind, or wrinkled leaves. Something needs to change.

I have found recently is that it’s not easy remembering the care needs of 16 new orchids. With a busy working schedule and responsibilities, I’m struggling a little with some of my orchid collection now that it has quadrupled in size within the last 12 months. My collection isn’t the biggest, I have 21 orchids at the moment but I’ve met people who tell me they have 500+ orchids. Can you imagine watering 500 orchids in one sitting? That, to me, no longer sounds like a hobby but a full time job!

So, my plan is to limit myself to purchase only one or two more orchids this year. I don’t need any new ones really, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself isn’t it? I’ll be recording any changes I notice with my orchids when I start to alter the care this month, and make a comparison in September. This does of course mean some reading and researching online, and making plenty of notes, but I can live with that. It should actually be quite fun as I enjoy finding out about new things.

There is limited space in the growing area I have, which means that things are starting to get a little bit cramped. Another good reason to improve the quality of my collection before I buy any more. I’d far rather get to grips with the care needs of all my orchids and help them grow to be the best they can.

Happy growing!




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