Mini Orchid Haul

Every once in a while, my path crosses with my favourite orchid nursery. I recently visited their premises in Devon with an idea in mind of the orchid I wanted to add to my collection. Problem is, I couldn’t stop at one…so I bought two!


I chose a species Phalaenopsis (not the same as the ones you buy in supermarkets) because their blooms are so striking and it would cope in my set up. There were two I was interested in; Phalaenopsis Cornu-Cervi and Phalaenopsis Tetraspis. The latter of the two has white flowers, but a slight anomaly where the patterning is concerned – this particular orchid chooses which petal she wants to be red! Just a random red petal or sepal, there is no pattern to it. However, quite a few of my Phalaenopsis orchids are mostly white anyway, so I opted for the Cornu-Cervi.


It was the healthier looking of the two but is technically still a baby, so she won’t produce huge numbers of flowers at this stage. You can see signs of active growth on the roots and she is creating a new leaf – all good signs. This particular species is supposed to have red waxy blooms on a compact spike, so we will see how this one develops over the coming weeks.

The second plant I bought is a Brassia type orchid which is sometimes referred to as a spider orchid, because of the long petals and sepals. This may be the second Brassia type in my collection (I have yet to identify the first one, but until she blooms, I have no idea what it is!). The blooms are olive green in colour – according to the label – which would be a welcome change to the pinks, whites and purples I normally go for. This orchid has healthy pseudo-bulbs and roots, always the thing to look for on a sympodial orchid.


When I know more about these two plants, I will post care sheets. I may look into the possibility of creating a page with care sheets on, if this is something that you, my lovely readers, would benefit from. Let me know in a comment if it is, and I’ll set to work!

Happy growing!



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