Orchids in Bloom: June 2017

Another month, and another orchid has decided to come into bloom. The warmer weather and increased daylight have really helped to push orchid growth along. Like last month though, there are only two orchids in bloom, but one of my favourite Phalaenopsis orchids has opened her buds.


This orchid was given to me by my family when I started my job about 3 years ago. She is a Phalaenopsis orchid, and the most vigorous grower in my collection (not to mention the largest!). She has been in bloom most of the time she has been with me, and has been known to produce nearly 20 flowers in one go. I’d almost be tempted to say she is a bit of a multi-tasker. I’ve seen her grow roots, leaves and a flower spike all at the same time; something none of my other orchids have achieved. She is also the orchid that you see on the main page when you first visit my blog. Unfortunately, I do not have an ID for this Phalaenopsis, but that doesn’t matter too much. I absolutely love this Phalaenopsis!

The flowers this time around are secondary spikes off of the main flower spike. I didn’t cut the original stem because it didn’t die back and new branches were developing whilst the older flowers were going over. Once this flush of flowers have finished though, the spike will be cut right down to the stem of the orchid. The veining on the flowers is getting stronger each time she blooms, which looks really attractive.

The second orchid in bloom is one from last month. I’m really surprised by how long these blooms are lasting given that only 6 months ago, this orchid was struggling. It goes to show what a little TLC can do!

Phalaenopsis in bloom

Happy growing!



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