Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter

Our orchid hobby may well lead us to buy orchids that have beautiful flowers, fragrance or present us with a challenge as they have different care needs to the rest of our collection. Sometimes though, we purchase orchids because of their name, and one of my collection was bought for this very reason. Her name is Peggy. More specifically, Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter, and I purchased her for my birthday last year.


Having seen the blooms of this orchid online (and they are gorgeous), my mind was made up to purchase her – even more so when I saw her name because she shares the same name as a very important family member.

We all become attached to something that has emotional meaning at some point in our lives, and this orchid is definitely becoming a special plant. It has the most beautiful patterned flowers of any of my orchids and has a subtle fragrance. The only photograph I have of this orchid really does not do it justice – I’ll have to get better ones when she next blooms.

This orchid is a vigorous grower; at the moment Peggy is working on three new growths and they are taking off at some speed! In fact, they are growing so fast, her older pseudo-bulbs are always slightly wrinkled because they cannot take up water quickly enough to replace what the new growths are taking. Leaving this orchid to soak in water doesn’t really alleviate the problem, but she is not shrivelling so we are not at panic stations. I have been giving her the same amount of light as the rest of my Oncidium type orchids and she is loving it. Daily misting helps to keep the leaves growing nice and straight, with regular air flow to ensure there is no mould build up.

Thankfully, this orchid is one of the least fussy in my collection and I’d recommend this plant to anyone. Fingers crossed she produces a good display of blooms when the bulbs mature; she is a really beautiful orchid.

Happy growing!




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