New Orchid Care Sheets

Another new section on the blog!


I’ve been creating specific care pages for orchids in my collection as I get to understand their growth habits and preferences, which is useful for me if nothing else. Sometimes with this hobby though, I find it useful to have general information on a particular variety of orchid. This helps me to figure out how best to care for my plants with general culture requirements i.e. whether they are warm growers, like humidity etc.

So, I have created a new section on the blog now set up with information on caring for specific types of orchid. At the moment, there are pages for Phalaenopsis orchids and Oncidium orchids as I’ve had these in my collection the longest. More will be added as I gather knowledge for some of the other types.

The care pages should follow a similar layout so it should be easy to find the information that you need. I’ll also add links to other sites, where possible (or necessary), to increase the resources available.

Over time, these will be added to, so make sure you drop in regularly to find out more about the types of orchid in my collection.

Happy growing!




4 thoughts on “New Orchid Care Sheets”

  1. I recently came across your site and have found it really helpful. Thanks for providing so much useful information on orchids. One question: where do you buy your orchids? I’m having trouble sourcing named varieties in the UK


    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your kind comments – I’m really pleased you found my blog helpful!
      As for the orchids, I tend to purchase directly from nurseries now because the plants are really good quality. There are a number of great nurseries in the UK, but it depends on the type of orchid you are looking for…have you a particular variety you are after?


      1. Not really. I just like knowing what the orchid is called and being able to find out who bred it, what its parents were, how long its been around etc. Knowing the history adds to my enjoyment of the plant. So far, I have mostly rescue NOID phals from Homebase, plus a couple of dendrobium phalaenopsis types. I recently added my first Den nobile and Miltoniopsis HerrAlexandre (thanks to your profile of Milton!).. I’ve also just taken on a Nelly Isler that was going to be thrown out by someone else!

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      2. I’m really pleased that my post about Milton encouraged you buy your own – you won’t be disappointed, he smells amazing! A Nelly Isler is also a wonderful orchid to grow, but she can be a little bit fussy. As for orchid nurseries, there are quite a few that you could purchase from. If you Google “British Orchid Growers Association” that will give you a list of the ones in the UK. It does depend on what you want to grow next, but the list does give a description of the types of orchids a particular nursery grows. I have a post going out tomorrow that might interest you if you want to find out more about nurseries and growing orchids 🙂


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