Orchids in Bloom: October 2017

This month is technically a cheat. We have the same two orchids from September in bloom, but also a new addition to my collection. This orchid was purchased in the middle of October from Burnham Nurseries, in bloom, and I’m so pleased with this latest acquisition.


This is the beautiful Phalaenopsis Liodora. She is rapidly becoming a firm favourite of mine, not just for the colour of the blooms, but her fragrance too. It’s such a lovely smell, not overpowering or strong, but it is lovely. It does have a slight citrus note to it, but it is also a sweet smell. It’s difficult for me to describe it but definitely worth purchasing in my opinion.


When she arrived she had two blooms open, but has since opened two more. She was bought mainly because of the flowers, but also because I wanted to try a Phalaenopsis that wasn’t as hybridised as the ones we can find in shops. The flowers are not like “normal” Phalaenopsis flowers; they are thick and fleshy. You cannot bend the petals even a small amount. But you wouldn’t want to, as you’d probably damage them.

I checked the RHS International Orchid Register and found she was registered in 1982 as a hybrid. Liodora appears to be a cross between Phalaenopsis Deventeriana and Phalaenopsis Violacea. If you Google these two orchids, you’ll soon see which traits she has inherited and from which parent. The Deventeriana has white blooms that blend into a peach colour towards its centre, whilst the Violacea has a striking pink/purple colour.

It’s not just the flowers though, look at these leaves! Huge, pale green, waxy leaves. She has several leaves on her at the moment, and all appear to be bigger than the one before it. IMG_2315

I cannot say enough positive things about this orchid – I’d recommend this one to anyone who is interested in growing Phalaenopsis.

Happy growing!



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