Orchid book haul

Today, I ventured out in search of books. Orchid books to be precise. I wanted to see what publications were available that would help improve the care I give to the orchids in my collection at the moment. The internet gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and experience but sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming. My mission today was to try and find books written by people who have been growing orchids for years, and I found two – technically three but that one was about orchids native to Europe.

orchid books

One of the books was written by D. Sanders, who was quite big in the orchid world. The book I have was published in 1979, the 9th edition of this particular publication. It has colour photographs of different orchids as well as care information and a section on the history of orchid growing. Yes, I know this book was printed some years ago, but there is information contained within this book that is still relevant today.

The second book is a more modern publication but this has compacted orchid care for a particular variety onto one page, so you have a kind of snap-shot care sheet. It’s ideal for me, as I’ve always been a visual learner. There is also a section on caring for Bromeliads, which could prove useful to me at a later date.

The thing I love about books is they are a record of things that capture a particular point in history. They are also tangible and tactile, something the internet isn’t. I also love the idea that someone else had this book and leafed through its pages as I am now.

Once I’ve read these books, I may do a mini-book review so if you fancy purchasing yourself a copy, you should have more information to hand as to whether it is the right one for you.

Next time you are in a second-hand book shop, see if they have any books on orchids. You may find yourself a little gem!

Happy growing!



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