Goals for 2018

As a follow on from my previous post Merry Christmas & a happy New Year, I’ve spent a little time thinking about the things I would like to achieve in 2018 with regards to my orchids. My goals for this year are split into two groups, those relating to my own orchid collection and orchids native to the UK.

Before Christmas, I had a good look at all of my orchids and noticed that a number of them are not doing as well as they could. So far as I can make out, they are given enough of the care they need except for one factor; light. When we moved earlier this year, the only space available for my collection was our dining room. I thought that the room had ample light for them, but it appears to not be the case.

The orchids could be moved around the house to take advantage of better light, but there is a problem with that plan. I’m one of those people that if something isn’t right in front of my face, I forget about it. A recovering Ficus plant we have could tell you that! As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. So I’m opting to try artificial light instead. I have already started researching this topic and my plan is to photograph each orchid before the light set-up is installed, and then again 6-12 months afterwards to make a comparison.

My second goal, following on from the first, is to enable a quarter of my collection to bloom this year. If my maths works out correctly (and it doesn’t always!) that gives me a target of 6 orchids. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Here’s hoping.

My final goal for my own collection is to help Nelly establish her root system again. I’ll take a photograph of her in the coming weeks so you can see what we are starting with. Should she decide not to grow, then it’s off to the compost bin. If however, I can achieve this goal by Christmas 2018, I’ll be ecstatic!

Moving on to native orchids. I only have two goals relating to native orchids, to help make them more attainable. Last year we were able to photograph two species of native orchids in my local area, and this year I’d like to increase that number to five. There are some trips being planned in spring which I hope will allow me to spot some new native orchids.

The second goal is to enter a photograph of one of the native species I find, into a photographic competition run by the Hardy Orchid Society. I’m not aiming to win, but just to have that experience of taking a photograph and then entering into a competition for a bit of fun.

With that lot planned for this year, I hope that there will be something there for everyone. It certainly seems like it will be a busy year.

Happy growing!





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