Nelly Isler update: we have signs of life!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I have had problems with my Nelly Isler orchid. I have tried various different methods to revive her to no avail. Until now.


My last attempt to revive her involved placing her in full water culture for several weeks, only occasionally topping up her water and opening the blind behind her in the mornings. The rest of the time, quite frankly, I just left her to it.

When I checked her over a few weeks back I noticed signs of life. There were tiny thin roots growing from the smallest growth I have ever seen. This growth is pushing up between two older pseudo-bulbs, and it looks so cute!


She is now in very fine bark and is having a little more regular attention and I am very pleased to say that the roots are definitely pushing through.

Fingers crossed she continues to improve; I love the colour and fragrance of this orchid.

Happy growing!



3 thoughts on “Nelly Isler update: we have signs of life!”

  1. Well done Nelly! I also have a rescue Nelly Isler who came to me with hardly any roots and she’s doing well with 3 tiny new growths and some good roots, so hoping we both have some flowers too one day!

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