Spring is sprung!

There are some exciting things happening with my orchids at the moment. Most of my mini-phalaenopsis have started to grow, after two years of little or no movement!


In answering a question for one of my readers recently, it had me thinking about the care that I was giving to those in my own collection. I moved them closer to the new light fixture my husband built for me, and I’ve increased the frequency at which they receive fertiliser. Today, all four mini-Phalaenopsis are producing new leaves, and some have chunky new roots to boot.

It doesn’t stop there. My Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter is producing three new growths (again), Miltoniopsis Herr Alexandre has a new growth that is chucking out roots like they are going out of fashion, and Sarcochilus Hartmanii has huge roots growing as well a potential new growth…watch this space!

Thank you to my reader who asked for that blog post. If I hadn’t have created it, I wouldn’t have the results I am now getting from my own mini-Phalaenopsis.¬†Achieving one of my goals for 2018 may well be possible…here’s hoping.

Happy growing!



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