Look who’s back

You may remember a while ago, that I was looking after an Oncidium type orchid for my brother; Odontioda Stirbic Red. This orchid had no roots when I collected it but it made a recovery and went back to him last year when it was strong enough. 


There are two posts you can look at if you didn’t see it, or want a reminder. There was an update on it and there are photographs of the blooms in Orchids in Bloom: August 2017.

Today, I collected it again from him as it is struggling. Compared to the rest of my brother’s orchid collection, this one appears to be “too fussy” and has basically been thrown out on its ear! It was a comical conversation; he looked exasperated with this orchid.

So, now the Odontioda is back in my home, it’s time to think about boosting its chances of producing strong healthy pseudo-bulbs during this growing season. I don’t think my brother would want this orchid back, even if it did exceedingly well for me. It’s here to stay…now I just have to find a suitable place to put it!

Happy growing!



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