What a difference some water makes…

A while ago, I posted about two orchids that had been given to me by a relative because they are no longer able to care for them. In recent weeks, I stumbled across another orchid in their home that was looking particularly sorry for itself.


This is a mini-Phalaenopsis that clearly has not been water for some considerable time. I checked the roots, and they are viable, so I know this orchid is not dehydrating because the root system collapsed.

She was blue-lighted to my house and promptly re-potted, cleaned and given water. The bark media I have is not useable so I’ve opted to use a finer grade bark instead. I didn’t know how long this orchid had been in its old media but soon found out when she came out of the pot. Pong!!

After a couple of weeks in the new media, regular checking and water, this orchid has made a full recovery and is just starting to work on a new leaf. Clearly, she agrees with the care I have given so far.


Things are looking good for this one, and I’m confident she’ll be blooming soon.

Happy growing!



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