Miltoniopsis Herr Alexandre

When you first start out in a hobby, particularly orchid growing, you will come across some failures. It’s normal. And to prove it, today I have a failure. I have been growing orchids for about 3 years now, and I have lost a few along the way.


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Orchids in Bloom: January 2019

It’s a colourful month in the grow space: lots of pinks, whites and yellow. Two more Phalaenopsis have decided to open their blooms after months of working on the flower spike.

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Dendrobium nobile on the move

About 18 months ago, this orchid was concerning me as he was not producing blooms or canes. In time for Christmas last year he produced half a dozen blooms, followed promptly by a new, much larger cane. This year, it seems he may be skipping the blooming part and going straight into a new growth…


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Native British Orchids: Southern Marsh orchids – after the re-plating

It’s been 6 weeks since the Southern Marsh orchids were re-plated and I wanted to check on their progress. As instructed, they have been living in a dark cupboard at room temperature since they were re-plated. Today, they are moving to a new home. Our fridge.

IMG_2790 annotated
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Caring for an orchid after the first bloom

Recently, people have been asking me whether an orchid can be ‘saved’ after it has finished blooming. Several orchids have been presented to me by concerned owners, thinking that their plant is in trouble: “It’s flowers have fallen off, what do I do?”


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