Orchid growing and plastic use

Plastic use has had a lot of coverage in the media recently, and rightly so. We humans are producing more plastic items than we really need, and it is affecting our wildlife and eco-systems. Some campaigns state that we should be living “plastic-free”, which is a wonderful idea, but I don’t think we will ever be free of plastic. It’s in so many items we use on daily basis; cars, TVs, washing machines, mobile phones, even the laptop I am typing this post on.

Researching orchids

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Native British Orchids: Hardy Orchid Society Membership

As with most hobbies, sometimes it is helpful to be part of wider community who can share their knowledge and experience with us. When I started looking into our native British orchids, I found the Hardy Orchid Society. I have been a member now for over a year, and I think it is useful organisation to be a member of.

Common Spotted Orchids

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No I.D. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is in bloom

It’s such a lovely thing to have an orchid bloom for you. For me, it means I’ve done something right and the orchid is happy.


After this orchid moved home, it did very little in the way of growing for such a long time I thought that perhaps it was throwing a tantrum. However, this orchid is now in bloom. I must have done something right.

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Preparing to re-pot some orchids

It’s time to do a little work in the grow space…

Some of my orchid collection

Whilst scrolling through my spreadsheet for notes on the orchids, I noticed that quite a few of my orchids are due to be re-potted. A re-pot of an orchid should be done every 2 years, or if the media smells mushroomy, to reduce the likelihood of the media becoming detrimental to the orchid’s health.

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Record keeping and orchids

When you start orchid growing as a hobby, record keeping might not be something you find useful. But as your collection increases, it’s helpful to know things like when an orchid last bloomed, how long it was in bloom for and so on.


It can help you keep track of various factors relating to your orchids; blooming periods and cycles, potential diseases, and care needs. For instance, I can see from my notes that my Pleonie orchids’ blooms lasted for a few weeks last year, not the few days I had this year. This suggests that there is something in their care routine that is missing.

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Native British Orchids: book review

Some months ago, I purchased a book called The Orchid Hunter: a young botanist’s search for happiness by Leif Bersweden. Although I am not finished yet (slow reader), I wanted to share my opinion and thoughts on this book for those of you who might be interested.

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