Native British Orchids: Seed Sowing Workshop

The observant among you may notice that I did not post anything yesterday. That was because I attended a Seed Sowing Workshop with the Hardy Orchid Society in Oxfordshire. I have been a member now for over a year and have not attended any events that they have put on. But, when I had an email about their seed sowing workshop, I had to go. 

Common Spotted Orchids

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Dealing with orchid loss

Sometimes in this hobby, we lose orchids. Not exactly a cheerful experience, but there are some positive things that can be taken away from it. I wanted to share some advice having recently lost an orchid.

IMG_1864 edit

Sadly, my Dendrobium Victoria Reginae has given up. I checked her over this morning and the weight of the cane almost tore the plant from its roots which have all died. Vicky is no more. I’d post a picture but it just makes me sad.

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Pest Control: Spider Mites

The heatwave here in England has been rumbling on for several weeks now. The increase in temperature is doing great things for some warmer growing orchids (provided they are not in direct sun), but something else is having fun in this heat.


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Dendrobium Phalaenopsis (no I.D.) update

Sometimes orchids can surprise you. We all know that orchids can take a long time to do anything, but there are times when they catch you out.


Back in April, I bought home two (rather large) orchids as my relative was no longer able to care for them. The Oncidium type orchid has bloomed already, but the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis has done nothing. Literally nothing. Well…absorbed water when it was given, but nothing else.

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Phalaenopsis orchids updates

This post is a follow on from a previous post about my mini-Phalaenopsis. Currently there are 5 larger Phalaenopsis in my collection and I would like to share the progress they have made during this growing season. As with the previous post, I can only successfully identify two of them; Phalaenopsis Liodora and Phalaenopsis Lui’s Triprince.


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Mini Phalaenopsis updates

I have quite a few Phalaenopsis in my collection, with the split between mini Phalaenopsis and not-so-mini Phalaenopsis being about 50/50. I have 5 mini Phals and I thought I’d share with you how they are progressing this growing season. I’ll go through the larger Phalaenopsis in another post soon.


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