Care Sheets

The orchid hobby can be really rewarding. But sometimes, it can also be a little confusing when you are looking for specific care sheets for a particular type of orchid. There are so many different websites available, that it can be difficult to know what information you should use and apply.

With these care sheet pages, I’ve tried to write down as much as I can about the orchids I have in my collection, so that you can learn more about how to care for yours at home. There is information on general care tips, as well as a few specific things that I find work really well for my lovely orchids.

Each page follows a similar format, so eventually, you’ll get to know exactly where to find the information that you need (hopefully!). I’ve included things like the media my orchids are in, type of pot, watering / fertilising routines, tips on re-blooming etc. There are pages about hybrid orchids as well as species orchids, the latter I’m collecting notes for, so they are a working progress.

I’m no expert; I’m learning all the time but if I share the knowledge I have, it can only add to the resources available for others.

Happy growing!