Native British Orchids: New book page

As well as a book section for my ‘home grown’ orchids, I have created a section on the books I have for native British orchids. The list isn’t huge at the moment; I have a field guide and a book published in the 1970’s, but there will be a new book added in the coming weeks.

If you hover over the Native British Orchids tab on my blog, you will see a drop-down menu with “books” shown underneath. Feel free to have a look!

Common Spotted Orchids


New Page: My book collection

Another new page to the blog!

A few months ago now, I created a post about a book haul. Slowly, I am making my way through them and any thoughts or comments will be put on this new page for you to read. Any useful sections or hints and tips shall be added too to give you more of an idea if that particular book would be worth purchasing for yourselves. Some of them though you might not be able to purchase online because they date back a few years and might not be in publication any more.

Any books relating to native orchids will be given a separate page so as to avoid confusion (mostly on my part!).

The page can be found here, or by selecting it from the top menu under “Glossary”.

Orchid book haul

Today, I ventured out in search of books. Orchid books to be precise. I wanted to see what publications were available that would help improve the care I give to the orchids in my collection at the moment. The internet gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and experience but sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming. My mission today was to try and find books written by people who have been growing orchids for years, and I found two – technically three but that one was about orchids native to Europe.

orchid books

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