Dendrobium nobile keiki: new growth

It’s been a little while since I posted about my Dendrobium nobile. Last time, he was not long in bloom and was absolutely stunning.


You may recall that I was a little concerned that he had not produced a new growth…

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Dendrobium Victoria Reginae: getting care right

About a year ago, I made a purchase from Burnham Nurseries which included a Dendrobium Victoria Reginae orchid. This particular Dendrobium is the only ‘blue’ orchid. She came from the specimen plant that is housed in Burnham’s Orchid Paradise exhibition (and it is massive!). She came to me as a single cane with leaves growing well.

IMG_1864 edit

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Dendrobium Keiki update

Earlier this year, I shared with you a post about a Dendrobium nobile keiki I have in my collection that was given to me by a family member. The keiki has a sibling which was kept by said family member. Both orchids are still alive (hurray!) however, my keiki is not growing as I was expecting him to.

Dendrobium Nobile keiki

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Dendrobium Nobile keiki – update

A while ago I posted about orchid keikis. A family member kindly gifted one of their own Dendrobium Nobile keikis to me, as she had two growing on her mother plant, and I’m pleased to say he is doing well. The keiki itself is strong and happy, the presence of sap suggests he is getting plenty of water to help sustain him.

Dendrobium Nobile keiki
My Dendrobium nobile keiki that was gifted to me by a family member.

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‘Tis the season: For orchid growth

The days are getting longer and, surprisingly for England, warmer and sunnier! It’s also the time when orchids spring into their growing season. Sundays are usually a watering day for me and this morning I found that my orchids are putting their energy into lots of new growth. Even one of my species orchids has created a new root and has the beginnings of a new leaf!

Sarcochylis Hartmanii
A new leaf being produced by Dino (Sarcochylis Hartmanii – a species orchid).

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Orchid Keikis

It’s time to tackle another new term: keiki (pronounced Kay-kee). In a previous post I briefly mentioned keikis but did not go into too much detail about them.

From the Hawaiian for ‘baby’, a keiki is a way for some orchids to create a copy of themselves. Keikis are normally produced by Dendrobium or Phalaenopsis orchids as a way for them to ensure their survival. These tiny plants develop from a node (an area from which leaves, or flowers grow) on the parent plant. A keiki is an exact copy of the parent plant when it reaches maturity.

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