Mericlone vs. seedling orchids

It’s time to explore some more orchid terminology; ‘mericlone orchid’ and ‘seedling orchid’. There is a distinct difference between the two terms and both types of plant propagation offer different things. Whilst it isn’t essential for you to know the ins and outs of the different types, it is interesting to find out more about how our orchids can be propagated.

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Monopodial vs. Sympodial orchids

With a shiny new Glossary page, it’s time to start tackling some of the terms listed on it. The first of which will be ‘Monopodial’ and ‘Sympodial’. These two terms refer to an orchids growth pattern, and there are distinct differences between them.

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New Orchid Glossary Page!

You know when you start learning about a new hobby or interest, there are more experienced people that use specific terms or phrases that you have no idea about? Well, that has happened several times to me with this orchid hobby, and the only way I can get my head around all these new words is to write them down. To that end, I have created a new page on this blog – a Glossary page!

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