New Oncidium is in bloom!

One of my newest adoptee orchids has opened their blooms! I created a post about this orchid a few weeks ago, but she’s been a very busy orchid since then.


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Look who’s back

You may remember a while ago, that I was looking after an Oncidium type orchid for my brother; Odontioda Stirbic Red. This orchid had no roots when I collected it but it made a recovery and went back to him last year when it was strong enough. 


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New Oncidium type orchid update

Well not new exactly, but new to me.

I posted about a new Oncidium type orchid that had been given to me to care for recently, as my relative is no longer able to care for it. After a few weeks of being in its new home, something exciting happened!


That’s right, we have a flower spike! Blooms to follow soon hopefully.

Happy growing!


Update: Semi-hydroponics & Nelly Isler

A few weeks ago, my Nelly Isler orchid was put into a semi-hydroponic system to see if it would help her recovery. There was no expectation that this method would save Nelly, but given that she has never been 100% since I purchased her, I thought I’d give this method a go. Very little of my research suggests that semi-hydroponics would save a sick orchid, but I’d rather try.


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Experimenting with semi-hydroponics to save my Nelly Isler orchid

One of my orchids is not doing very well this year. Unfortunately, she was sick when she was purchased which hasn’t helped her recovery. She has been tried with water culture to encourage root production, but to no avail – she absolutely hated it!

Oncidopsis Nelly Isler
Oncidopsis Nelly Isler in bloom

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