Caring for aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of a few species that produce aerial roots in addition to their own root system.  Aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids are those roots that grow away from the pot or growing media and have a thicker, silvery appearance. These roots also have a green tip at the end. These roots serve a purpose, and do benefit the orchid.


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Root loss on orchids – some tips on preventing it

Sometimes, you will have little control over root loss, particularly if the orchid was sick when you acquired it. However, there are some things that you can do to prevent root loss in orchids. So, let’s have a look at a few factors that can impact on roots.

Orchid roots

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Promoting root production on sick orchids

At some stage in your orchid hobby, you will come across a plant that has a diminished root system. This is something that seems to occur quite a lot with orchids sold through gardening stores, supermarkets etc. It can also happen to orchids that have been in your home for some months.

But how do you help your orchid grow new roots?

Sarcochylis Hartmanii
Dino is creating a new root – a really reassuring sign I am providing the right care for him.

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Monopodial vs. Sympodial orchids

With a shiny new Glossary page, it’s time to start tackling some of the terms listed on it. The first of which will be ‘Monopodial’ and ‘Sympodial’. These two terms refer to an orchids growth pattern, and there are distinct differences between them.

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Anatomy of an Orchid

In the orchid world, there are many different varieties available and each has its own slightly different makeup and anatomy. Today, I wanted to discuss the different parts that make up an orchid. It is important to know the terms so that if you notice anything abnormal happening to your orchid, you can use the appropriate term online to work out what is wrong.

Let’s start at the beginning…(and now I have the Sound of Music playing in my head…).

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