‘Tis the season: For orchid growth

The days are getting longer and, surprisingly for England, warmer and sunnier! It’s also the time when orchids spring into their growing season. Sundays are usually a watering day for me and this morning I found that my orchids are putting their energy into lots of new growth. Even one of my species orchids has created a new root and has the beginnings of a new leaf!

Sarcochylis Hartmanii
A new leaf being produced by Dino (Sarcochylis Hartmanii – a species orchid).

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Phalaenopsis Orchids: flower spikes

This is the time of year that Phalaenopsis orchids should start to produce flower spikes. The cooler temperatures signal that the orchid can put energy into creating flowers for reproduction. The flowers do not take very long to develop, can last for months, and vary in colour, shape and size.

But what happens when our Phalaenopsis appear to be doing very little? You may have bought an orchid which lost its blooms and now does not seem to want to do anything. Commercially grown orchids like the Phalaenopsis are encouraged to bloom at specific times of the year by companies for profits. This can sometimes work against the orchids natural annual cycles.

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Phalaenopsis Care

Most people who have an orchid in their home, are likely to have a Phalaenopsis orchid. They are probably the most widely available orchid because they are easy to care for.

Once the beautiful flowers have spent, most people throw them in the bin thinking the orchid is on its way out. However, this is not always the case. Most Phalaenopsis orchids will continue to grow and re-bloom if given the correct care.


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