Orchid book haul

Today, I ventured out in search of books. Orchid books to be precise. I wanted to see what publications were available that would help improve the care I give to the orchids in my collection at the moment. The internet gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and experience but sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming. My mission today was to try and find books written by people who have been growing orchids for years, and I found two – technically three but that one was about orchids native to Europe.

orchid books

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Thoughts on water culture for encouraging roots on sick orchids

Initially I was sceptical about this particular growing method, mainly because there aren’t orchids in the wild that grow this way. However, what I have learnt from my experiment with water culture is that it is a very efficient way of helping sick orchids to recover from dehydration. The Odontioda Stirbic Red, that had lost all its roots after becoming very dehydrated, responded very well to this treatment.


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Orchid Experiment: Water Culture

Today I wanted to share with you my experience of growing orchids in water culture. I had already heard of this method of growing before one of my viewers asked me for some advice. After talking to them about it, I have been thinking about whether it is a viable growing method.


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