Caring for an orchid after the first bloom

Recently, people have been asking me whether an orchid can be ‘saved’ after it has finished blooming. Several orchids have been presented to me by concerned owners, thinking that their plant is in trouble: “It’s flowers have fallen off, what do I do?”


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Repotting an orchid: a how to guide

Every once in a while, orchids need to be re-potted. They outgrow their pots, have pest problems, or have decomposing media (if it is organic media). For someone new to the world of orchids, the re-potting process can be a little daunting, so I’ve created a step-by-step guide of how I re-pot mine.


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Plant hygiene: the three D’s

When it comes to caring for any plant, it is important to remember the D’s of plant hygiene. It helps to promote the overall health of the plant, as well as improving their physical appearance (sometimes!).


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Preparing to re-pot some orchids

It’s time to do a little work in the grow space…

Some of my orchid collection

Whilst scrolling through my spreadsheet for notes on the orchids, I noticed that quite a few of my orchids are due to be re-potted. A re-pot of an orchid should be done every 2 years, or if the media smells mushroomy, to reduce the likelihood of the media becoming detrimental to the orchid’s health.

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Record keeping and orchids

When you start orchid growing as a hobby, record keeping might not be something you find useful. But as your collection increases, it’s helpful to know things like when an orchid last bloomed, how long it was in bloom for and so on.


It can help you keep track of various factors relating to your orchids; blooming periods and cycles, potential diseases, and care needs. For instance, I can see from my notes that my Pleonie orchids’ blooms lasted for a few weeks last year, not the few days I had this year. This suggests that there is something in their care routine that is missing.

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Watering orchids with ice

There is a lot of debate amongst orchid growers about the use of ice as a method for watering Phalaenopsis orchids. In the hot weather it may seem like a great idea. Many growers I have spoken to literally cringe when you ask them about this watering method, because there is a risk the plant will not tolerate the freezing temperatures of the water. I’d like to share my experience of using ice on my orchids.

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Humidity: keeping levels up in a heatwave

If you live in the UK, you’ll be well aware that we are in the middle of a heatwave. If you check your orchids regularly (and at this time of year, I mean daily), you may notice some changes happening with your plants.


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