Orchid SOS: helping a Cattleya orchid

Another orchid has been brought into the orchid hospital – blue lighted all the way home!


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Dealing with orchid loss

Sometimes in this hobby, we lose orchids. Not exactly a cheerful experience, but there are some positive things that can be taken away from it. I wanted to share some advice having recently lost an orchid.

IMG_1864 edit

Sadly, my Dendrobium Victoria Reginae has given up. I checked her over this morning and the weight of the cane almost tore the plant from its roots which have all died. Vicky is no more. I’d post a picture but it just makes me sad.

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What a difference some water makes…

A while ago, I posted about two orchids that had been given to me by a relative because they are no longer able to care for them. In recent weeks, I stumbled across another orchid in their home that was looking particularly sorry for itself.


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Adopting orchids: what to do when you bring them home

Sometimes in this hobby, you are given an orchid to care for on behalf of someone else. Recently, two orchids have been adopted into my collection because a relative of mine is no longer able to care for them.

What do you do then, once you have brought them home with you?

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Nelly Isler update: we have signs of life!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I have had problems with my Nelly Isler orchid. I have tried various different methods to revive her to no avail. Until now.


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Dealing with stem rot on a Phalaenopsis orchid

Occasionally Phalaenopsis orchids may fall foul of a type of rot. There are many different types that can affect orchids, but this time, we appear to be dealing with stem rot. At the base of this Phalaenopsis orchid there is a small patch of black tissue, which appeared after the bottom three leaves turned yellow and fell off. One leaf at a time is normal – but three? No.

Mini Phalaenopsis No ID
Stem rot has developed on this Phalaenopsis.

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