Adopting orchids: what to do when you bring them home

Sometimes in this hobby, you are given an orchid to care for on behalf of someone else. Recently, two orchids have been adopted into my collection because a relative of mine is no longer able to care for them.

What do you do then, once you have brought them home with you?

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Nelly Isler update: we have signs of life!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I have had problems with my Nelly Isler orchid. I have tried various different methods to revive her to no avail. Until now.


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Dealing with stem rot on a Phalaenopsis orchid

Occasionally Phalaenopsis orchids may fall foul of a type of rot. There are many different types that can affect orchids, but this time, we appear to be dealing with stem rot. At the base of this Phalaenopsis orchid there is a small patch of black tissue, which appeared after the bottom three leaves turned yellow and fell off. One leaf at a time is normal – but three? No.

Mini Phalaenopsis No ID
Stem rot has developed on this Phalaenopsis.

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Promoting root production on sick orchids

At some stage in your orchid hobby, you will come across a plant that has a diminished root system. This is something that seems to occur quite a lot with orchids sold through gardening stores, supermarkets etc. It can also happen to orchids that have been in your home for some months.

But how do you help your orchid grow new roots?

Sarcochylis Hartmanii
Dino is creating a new root – a really reassuring sign I am providing the right care for him.

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Orchid SOS: Miltoniopsis ‘World Cup’

A few weeks ago I posted about a Cattleya orchid that I purchased at an orchid show in November 2016. It was not the only one – I also purchased a Miltoniopsis ‘World Cup’.


It is obviously a healthy green colour and had been doing well. I didn’t repot it when I brought it home because it is a young orchid and disturbing it might be detrimental to its growth.

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Orchid SOS

Not for the first time this year, I’ve had to open my ‘orchid hospital’ to help fix an unhealthy orchid.

About a week or so ago, I purchased a Cattleya orchid from an orchid show along with a new Miltoniopsis orchid. Both are fairly young plants so I don’t expect either of them to bloom any time soon. I did notice that there appears to be some indicators that the Cattleya orchid may need some T.L.C. but this is fine with me. Whilst it was still in its original pot, I did spray the tops of the roots with hydrogen peroxide 3% to help remove any moulds, algae etc that may be lurking in the pot. Hydrogen peroxide reacts to moulds and fungus if they are present – there was a lot of fizzing so I’m guessing there was a lot of things in this pot that shouldn’t really be there.


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