Orchids in Bloom: January 2018

Just two in bloom this month; not much is happening with my collection at the moment.


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Orchids in Bloom: November 2017

Another month has gone by, and I have only one orchid in bloom to share with you. This is the Phalaenopsis Liodora that I purchased last month. She has dropped one of her blooms, but has four very healthy ones left.


Her fragrance is not as strong as it was when she first arrived, which I am putting down to her adjusting to her new environment. This does happen with orchids, particularly when they are new to my collection. Hopefully, when she’s settled her fragrance will get stronger. We shall wait and see.

Happy growing!


Orchids in Bloom: September 2017

There isn’t much happening in the orchid grow space at the moment as far as blooms go, but I do have two in bloom at the moment. One is technically cheating because it was a gift from someone I know, so I can’t say that orchid has flowered as a result of the care I have given it. The other is my good ol’ faithful orchid that has been in bloom almost all year so far.


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Orchids in Bloom: August 2017

This month there are three orchids in bloom. One I have never seen in bloom because she is a new acquisition, another is an old faithful that blooms nearly all year round and you have seen her several times this year already (sorry!). The last one is recovering from losing all his roots, but the flowers are a-maz-ing!


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