Pest Control: Spider Mites

The heatwave here in England has been rumbling on for several weeks now. The increase in temperature is doing great things for some warmer growing orchids (provided they are not in direct sun), but something else is having fun in this heat.


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Pest Control: Fungus Gnats update

As an update to an old post about fungus gnat control, I’d like to share with you the effectiveness of a bowl of soapy water.


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Stem rot strikes again?

It looks as though stem rot has taken another Phalaenopsis from my collection this week. Recently, the plant has been dropping leaves, but these were yellow. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought it was part of a natural process. This morning, when I was checking the orchid over, a green leaf came away in my hand. Not good.


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Pest Control: Fungus Gnats

It’s that time of year when insects are doing the rounds and buzzing about. Our orchid collections may be more vulnerable from insect damage now because the conditions are favourable for critters to start having babies – and boy do they!

Fungus Gnats - they are everywhere this time of year!
Fungus Gnats – they are everywhere this time of year!

Last year I had problems with fungus gnats, and they are back again this year. If you don’t what these are, they are those tiny little black flies that hang out near the compost or growing media of plants. They are pretty dopey in terms of the way they fly and almost always seem to want to go near your face. They love damp or moist media to lay eggs in because when the eggs hatch they¬†like being able to eat decaying yucky stuff in plant pots.

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Stem Rot on Phalaenopsis Orchids

A few weeks ago, a Phalaenopsis orchid began showing signs it had stem rot. Although it had been given some treatment, it was unclear whether it would pull through. Sadly, the stem rot was more advanced than I thought, and it gave up. I came home from work to find this…

Phalaenopsis with stem rot
Phalaenopsis with stem rot…very advanced!

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