Dealing with stem rot on a Phalaenopsis orchid

Occasionally Phalaenopsis orchids may fall foul of a type of rot. There are many different types that can affect orchids, but this time, we appear to be dealing with stem rot. At the base of this Phalaenopsis orchid there is a small patch of black tissue, which appeared after the bottom three leaves turned yellow and fell off. One leaf at a time is normal – but three? No.

Mini Phalaenopsis No ID
Stem rot has developed on this Phalaenopsis.

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Pest Control: Mealybugs

As with most plants, orchids can be affected by a number of pests and diseases. Not long ago, I posted about slugs. Today will be about mealybugs. I’m not an expert on orchid pests, but I would like to share my experience of them. This post will help you identify mealybugs and how to get rid of them.

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Pest Control: Slugs

Slugs can live for around 2 years, and start life as an egg. These eggs are laid when the soil conditions are moist and can remain dormant until the conditions are right for them to hatch. Slugs are hermaphrodites which means that they have male and female reproductive organs.

Slugs are moisture lovers and thrive in damp media and will have great fun munching the orchids roots. If left to their own devices, they could prove fatal to your orchid. For those of you growing orchids in plastic pots, you should be able to see the condition of the plant’s root system. The condition of the ends of the roots can be indicator of whether slugs are in the media.

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