Mini Phalaenopsis updates

I have quite a few Phalaenopsis in my collection, with the split between mini Phalaenopsis and not-so-mini Phalaenopsis being about 50/50. I have 5 mini Phals and I thought I’d share with you how they are progressing this growing season. I’ll go through the larger Phalaenopsis in another post soon.


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What a difference some water makes…

A while ago, I posted about two orchids that had been given to me by a relative because they are no longer able to care for them. In recent weeks, I stumbled across another orchid in their home that was looking particularly sorry for itself.


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Caring for mini-phalaenopsis in full water culture

One of my readers asked me to create a post about caring for mini-phalaenopsis in full water culture. After a little more research, the care requirements for orchids grown in full water culture are similar to mini-phalaenopsis grown in bark, with one or two exceptions.


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Full water culture: cleaning orchid leaves

I’ve been asked a question by one of my readers about how to clean and dry Phalaenopsis orchid leaves when it is in full water culture. Whilst I currently have no experience at growing Phalaenopsis orchids in full water culture, I’d like to offer some advice about how to ensure the orchid is sufficiently dry after cleaning the leaves to reduce the likelihood of rot.


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Stem rot strikes again?

It looks as though stem rot has taken another Phalaenopsis from my collection this week. Recently, the plant has been dropping leaves, but these were yellow. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought it was part of a natural process. This morning, when I was checking the orchid over, a green leaf came away in my hand. Not good.


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Caring for aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of a few species that produce aerial roots in addition to their own root system.  Aerial roots on Phalaenopsis orchids are those roots that grow away from the pot or growing media and have a thicker, silvery appearance. These roots also have a green tip at the end. These roots serve a purpose, and do benefit the orchid.


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