Orchid growing and plastic use

Plastic use has had a lot of coverage in the media recently, and rightly so. We humans are producing more plastic items than we really need, and it is affecting our wildlife and eco-systems. Some campaigns state that we should be living “plastic-free”, which is a wonderful idea, but I don’t think we will ever be free of plastic. It’s in so many items we use on daily basis; cars, TVs, washing machines, mobile phones, even the laptop I am typing this post on.

Researching orchids

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Record keeping and orchids

When you start orchid growing as a hobby, record keeping might not be something you find useful. But as your collection increases, it’s helpful to know things like when an orchid last bloomed, how long it was in bloom for and so on.


It can help you keep track of various factors relating to your orchids; blooming periods and cycles, potential diseases, and care needs. For instance, I can see from my notes that my Pleonie orchids’ blooms lasted for a few weeks last year, not the few days I had this year. This suggests that there is something in their care routine that is missing.

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Let there be light!

In early January, I created a post about the different goals I want to achieve this year with regards to my orchid collection. At number one was improving the light quality that my orchids receive. The idea was to help improve their growth and blooms throughout the coming growing season.


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Getting into the orchid hobby

Starting to grow orchids as a hobby can be a daunting thing. As with anything new, you have so much to learn and absorb that it can sometimes be a real headache. Looking back now, taking on my first orchid wasn’t half so bad as taking on 10 new ones in the space of a few months – all with different care needs which I’m still working out. Yes, you will lose a few along the way, it’s a learning process; it’s going to happen, you will make mistakes. The point is, it can be daunting, but if you know where to find the information you need, the process is easier.


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Orchid Toolbox

When I first started this hobby, I thought I would be able to look after my orchids with basic care and attention. However, as I have been growing them for a little while, I realise they need a little bit more than that.

I started to acquire ‘tools’ that would help me look after my orchids, and decided to create a toolbox. I reused an old plastic box with clip lid, and most of my stuff fits in nicely. Now, whenever I have to repot an orchid or make up a fertiliser solution, I have everything to hand.

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