Spring is sprung!

There are some exciting things happening with my orchids at the moment. Most of my mini-phalaenopsis have started to grow, after two years of little or no movement!


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Pest Control: Fungus Gnats update

As an update to an old post about fungus gnat control, I’d like to share with you the effectiveness of a bowl of soapy water.


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Let there be light!

In early January, I created a post about the different goals I want to achieve this year with regards to my orchid collection. At number one was improving the light quality that my orchids receive. The idea was to help improve their growth and blooms throughout the coming growing season.


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Stem rot strikes again?

It looks as though stem rot has taken another Phalaenopsis from my collection this week. Recently, the plant has been dropping leaves, but these were yellow. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought it was part of a natural process. This morning, when I was checking the orchid over, a green leaf came away in my hand. Not good.


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Goals for 2018

As a follow on from my previous post Merry Christmas & a happy New Year, I’ve spent a little time thinking about the things I would like to achieve in 2018 with regards to my orchids.¬†My goals for this year are split into two groups, those relating to my own orchid collection and orchids native to the UK.

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Merry Christmas & a happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again. Christmas decorations are going up, presents are being bought and wrapped and preparations for Christmas day are being made. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year because it is usually spent with my family.

We have a tradition in our family on New Year’s eve, just before 12.00am strikes. We open the back door of the house to let the old year out, then at midnight we open the front door to let the New Year in.

christmas orchid 2

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