Sick orchid update

Some of you may remember that I was attempting to rescue an orchid using water culture several weeks back (may be longer by now). This orchid was severely dehydrated, had no root system and its new growth was beginning to give up. Here is an update on this orchid…


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Q & A with an orchid nursery

An orchid nursery has very kindly agreed to do a Q & A post with me and I wanted to put this out to my readers – are there any questions that you would like to ask them? They are a family run business who have been running for years, and have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result.

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Pest Control: Fungus Gnats

It’s that time of year when insects are doing the rounds and buzzing about. Our orchid collections may be more vulnerable from insect damage now because the conditions are favourable for critters to start having babies – and boy do they!

Fungus Gnats - they are everywhere this time of year!
Fungus Gnats – they are everywhere this time of year!

Last year I had problems with fungus gnats, and they are back again this year. If you don’t what these are, they are those tiny little black flies that hang out near the compost or growing media of plants. They are pretty dopey in terms of the way they fly and almost always seem to want to go near your face. They love damp or moist media to lay eggs in because when the eggs hatch they like being able to eat decaying yucky stuff in plant pots.

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Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter

Our orchid hobby may well lead us to buy orchids that have beautiful flowers, fragrance or present us with a challenge as they have different care needs to the rest of our collection. Sometimes though, we purchase orchids because of their name, and one of my collection was bought for this very reason. Her name is Peggy. More specifically, Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter, and I purchased her for my birthday last year.


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Caring for orchids in the summer

The increase in temperatures and longer daylight hours means that our orchids are growing quickly. However, sudden changes to their environment, such as high temperatures, can cause stress to an orchid. Just like us humans, our orchids can become overheated or develop sunburn in the summer months if we do not provide the appropriate care.


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