Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter

Our orchid hobby may well lead us to buy orchids that have beautiful flowers, fragrance or present us with a challenge as they have different care needs to the rest of our collection. Sometimes though, we purchase orchids because of their name, and one of my collection was bought for this very reason. Her name is Peggy. More specifically, Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter, and I purchased her for my birthday last year.


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Caring for orchids in the summer

The increase in temperatures and longer daylight hours means that our orchids are growing quickly. However, sudden changes to their environment, such as high temperatures, can cause stress to an orchid. Just like us humans, our orchids can become overheated or develop sunburn in the summer months if we do not provide the appropriate care.


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Stem Rot on Phalaenopsis Orchids

A few weeks ago, a Phalaenopsis orchid began showing signs it had stem rot. Although it had been given some treatment, it was unclear whether it would pull through. Sadly, the stem rot was more advanced than I thought, and it gave up. I came home from work to find this…

Phalaenopsis with stem rot
Phalaenopsis with stem rot…very advanced!

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Native British Orchids: Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

After our last orchid hunting trip out into the countryside, I began to wonder whether orchids growing in the wild could be picked. As a child I can remember being told not to pick any flowers that were wild grown, but I wanted further clarification on this subject. Hello Google.

Common Spotted Orchids
Common Spotted Orchids found in a wildlife reserve meadow.

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