Anatomy of an Orchid

In the orchid world, there are many different varieties available and each has its own slightly different makeup and anatomy. Today, I wanted to discuss the different parts that make up an orchid. It is important to know the terms so that if you notice anything abnormal happening to your orchid, you can use the appropriate term online to work out what is wrong.

Let’s start at the beginning…(and now I have the Sound of Music playing in my head…).

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Phalaenopsis Care

Most people who have an orchid in their home, are likely to have a Phalaenopsis orchid. They are probably the most widely available orchid because they are easy to care for.

Once the beautiful flowers have spent, most people throw them in the bin thinking the orchid is on its way out. However, this is not always the case. Most Phalaenopsis orchids will continue to grow and re-bloom if given the correct care.


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Orchid Toolbox

When I first started this hobby, I thought I would be able to look after my orchids with basic care and attention. However, as I have been growing them for a little while, I realise they need a little bit more than that.

I started to acquire ‘tools’ that would help me look after my orchids, and decided to create a toolbox. I reused an old plastic box with clip lid, and most of my stuff fits in nicely. Now, whenever I have to repot an orchid or make up a fertiliser solution, I have everything to hand.

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My Orchid Diary

Hi, my name is Clare. I have recently wandered into the world of orchids and have had this hobby for a couple of years now. I am still new to this, I felt it would be useful for me to have a written record of things I find out along the way. I am hoping to share my knowledge about the orchids I have in my collection. I will try to keep this blog regularly updated with developments or my thoughts on a particular subject relevant to orchid growing.

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