New Oncidium is in bloom!

One of my newest adoptee orchids has opened their blooms! I created a post about this orchid a few weeks ago, but she’s been a very busy orchid since then.


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New Oncidium type orchid update

Well not new exactly, but new to me.

I posted about a new Oncidium type orchid that had been given to me to care for recently, as my relative is no longer able to care for it. After a few weeks of being in its new home, something exciting happened!


That’s right, we have a flower spike! Blooms to follow soon hopefully.

Happy growing!


Adopting orchids: what to do when you bring them home

Sometimes in this hobby, you are given an orchid to care for on behalf of someone else. Recently, two orchids have been adopted into my collection because a relative of mine is no longer able to care for them.

What do you do then, once you have brought them home with you?

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